Tom’s Crazy Bio

We’ve all had our unique experiences in life. I was asked recently to what I attributed my coaching and consulting success?

I recalled that a radio host did some research beyond my usual bio one time and came up with a list of things that he found out about me. He was wondering if it was all true. It was.

I’ve been:
* Shot
* Crashed an airplane
* Kidnapped and held at knife point for 12 hours
* Rolled a car
* Fell off a (small) cliff
* Slammed into the back of a truck on a motorcycle
* Almost drowned
* Diagnosed with polio at age 3 but it never materialized
* Divorced (Yuck!)
* Lacerated my thumb 17 years ago opening a bottle of
champagne (who do you know who’s done that?)
* Survived extreme cancer surgery (all gone!) and had great things happen because of it all.
And some other stuff, I forget, or would like to.

So what? Who hasn’t, right? We’ve all gone through our pain. It’s made us who we are and created (for me, anyway) a huge amount of gratitude for what I survived and learned.

Some things he found out that I’d done:

* First Job: Was an errand boy in a local bank at age 11
* Got my first radio gig at 13
* Drove combine and grain truck on my uncle’s farm from ages 12-14
hours a day every summer from age 13-16
* Soloed in a very small airplane at age 16
* Managed a small radio station at 21
* Got fired for breaking a story about Richard Nixon that
was reported around the world.
* Hosted a syndicated radio show interviewing major show
business celebrities
* Was an associate producer with John Wayne And 7 time
Academy Award winning director, John Ford at age 22
* Started doing “intuitive coaching” (by accident) with TV
and movie stars at age 22

* Became a stand up comic at age 22 – lasted for 2 years
before I discovered that I had two problems; 1st-I wasn’t
funny, and 2nd-I didn’t know I wasn’t funny.
* Managed the LA Playboy Club age 24-25
* Hosted and produced several TV shows on powers of the mind
* Became a special reporter for KTTV in LA on the same topic
* Became a part-time professional speaker
* Was elected president of The Society For Psychical
Research of Beverly Hills, CA. A non-profit scientific and
general interest group.
* Became a partner in a TV production company with offices
at Universal Studios.
* Thrown out of Universal because of project cancellation –
lost everything
* Recruited into a sales organization where for 2 years was
either #1 or 2 money earner (what happened to show biz?)
* Expanded into my own marketing and consulting company
* Began more speaking, TV producing, including informercials
and corporate videos, coaching and consulting
* Worked with major clients from American Airlines to
Entrepreneur Magazine, Rexall, movie stars, corporate CEO’s,
individuals, and small businesses
* Helped to start over 25 companies world wide
* Did a highly successful marketing makeover for
multi-billion dollar Japanese company
* Created a marketing campaign for a company that did over
$40 million in sales year 1
* Began marketing directly over the Internet for the past 5
* Product creator (several online courses, including
co-creator of the most basic Internet training program for
* Began coaching and consulting to individuals and
businesses about their online presence and strategies
* And some other stuff I’ve forgotten and he couldn’t find.

While trying to get into show business at age 21. I lived in my car for 2 weeks in LA. What an experience!

Until 2010 I hadn’t see an MD for over 17 years (aforementioned champagne accident) nor have I had a prescription drug during that time. (Knock on wood!) Oops – June 2010 colon/rectal cancer detected. This would put me out of action until 2012, after successful surgeries and treatment.

I’m 6′ tall with size 12 feet. Thought you’d like to know. That last attribute ads to why I’m such a good business and personal coach. Who wants a coach with small feet, right?

I flunked the 7th grade and thought I was the dumbest kid in school. I barely graduated from high school because of that notion.

I went on to take numerous college courses but without earning a degree.

Other Failures And Mistakes: * Oops – not enough space on the hard drive to list those – sorry.

While I don’t have a lot of time to do it, I love the coaching process and am doing a bit more of again.

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