Think Before Posting

Thinking and posting. When I first signed up with Twitter I was surprised by those who posted inane items such as, “It’s a beautiful day, I’m having poached eggs.”

Uh, okay by me. I thought maybe I was missing something. Maybe I was and am, though these types of posts have dwindled.

Then there were (and are) those who only posted when they had something to sell.

Many like to send out quotes they like, which is great sometimes, and better than the egg people. Sometimes I wonder why they don’t impart their own wisdom. Hey, we all have it.

I’m open to why people do certain things that I don’t understand, and even though I’m judgmental at first, I’m curious. Some of them may come through with helpful stuff.

I hope to always think before I post. I hope I can be of help, and in so doing, show that what I have to offer, once people get to know me, and they see that I could be of help to them as well. And some won’t.

What do you think?

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