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ALERT: These gifts may be taken down soon, so please be sure to pick out any or all of them right away.

I  appreciate your taking the time to join us as we switch over to our new service. I’ll have more on that along with some new plans coming soon. But first,  please choose any or all of the gifts below.

How To Take No For An Answer And Still Succeed has become an around the world sensation.

  Learning  how to overcome rejection, failure, humiliation, and disappointment is absolutely necessary to advance beyond where you are now.

 This book was the result of my most popular seminar ever. To think that it all began with a little boy and his mother in Bloomingdales In New York City. He changed my
life and not the lives of tens of thousands.

“If rejection is like a disease, creeping up, then overcoming us and stopping us cold,
  then Tom Justin is the ‘Jonas Salk’ of rejection. His How To Take NO For An Answer
  And Still Succeed program is the perfect vaccine for every kind of rejection life can throw at us.”
                                                        Jack Canfield, co-author, “Chicken Soup For The Soul Series”

 Click on the book to get your free copy! (Until 3-25-13) A $27.00 value
The page will show you info on how to upload it to your smartphone, computer, tablet, PC, etc. If you want to go right to Kindle, just click on that link.

                                                                             “Tom Justin is a terrific story teller.
                                                                              His message will inspire teach and entertain you!”
                                                                                                                       Larry King


Have you claimed your free business yet:

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  Complete businesses with high converting squeeze pages, sales pages, thank you pages, and
Wordpress running on it so you can have Google friendly pages to get search engine traffic with.

  See how easy you can be up, running, and ready to make money =>
  No more guess work and no more struggling to get your online business off the ground.
  I took what’s been working for me for 10 years and made it available to you.

This video explains all
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Free Templates

Next is a terrific package for anyone promoting on the Internet with your own product or service, and especially for affiliate marketers.

I won’t go on about it, you can read for yourself what they are giving away.


Here’s one that  is something everyone can use no matter where you are or what you do. It’s solid, powerful, life enhancing information.

The other, may not be for everyone. It’s really for anyone who is marketing online with their own website or wants to. But just in case you would find it helpful, maybe even profitable, I’m passing it along.

 First, an immediate book that has more endorsements than I can count.

 My friend, Joe Vitale is one of the most successful people online and offline that I know. He’s built a 7-figure business, has been on countless TV and radio shows,
authored best seller after bestseller, and now he’s allowing me to give away one of his most popular books.

  It’s called Attract Money Now. Get it here…now:

 My long time friend, Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series said this:

 “Attract Money Now’ is another solid winner! It is full of profound insights, inspiring stories and practical strategies. I highly recommend it!”

 Steve Pavlina (author of “Personal Development for Smart People”) said —

 “Joe Vitale explains in step-by-step fashion how to request, attract, receive, and spend money from a place of abundance instead of scarcity. Filled with powerful
distinctions and inspiring stories of both failure and success, this book shares what it takes to go from poverty to wealth and to unleash your full potential as a world-class
contributor. Attract Money Now is a valuable resource for any serious seeker of financial abundance.”


Note:  I’m an affiliate who may be compensated for some of
the programs I tell you about I only tell you about people and
programs I have checked out and believe in.

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