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One Of The Best Information Sources I Know

You may be reading this because you are, or want to be, using the Internet to promote your business and create more income.

It’s never been easy. Up until a few years ago, there were few tools to make it easy, especially for us non-techies. But there was also less competition.

Now, it seems that everyone who makes a dollar on line has become an “expert” and is hawking some “new” “Make A Million Dollar,” “Super Software,” blah blah blah crap.

But what tools we have now! There’s never been a time when anyone who wants to either promote a business or create just part time income, could do so this easily and fast.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to know who the authentic experts are, and who to choose to buy from and what to buy.

I have a PhD in Internet crap because I’ve bought so much of it. I’ve seen and/or met many of the top Internet money earners, many of whom are good at promoting but lousy at teaching, or worse, who got lucky and really don’t know what works now. Some just pass on old junk that anyone who knows better wouldn’t use now.

Most “gurus” can’t teach, or can’t do it well. As a long time professional speaker and trainer, I’ve been appalled at some of what I’ve seen online and at live seminars from some of the “gurus.”

I’m no guru by any means. But I’ve been watching them, buying from many, learning from few, and have found a very few authentically good trainers who make money online from legitimate endeavors, not just selling how to make money online.

One of the top people is a young man by the name of Ryan Lee. Continue reading One Of The Best Information Sources I Know

Starting Your Own Business?–Here Are 8 Powerful Tips

( And the two cheapest businesses anyone can start)

 Have you dreamed of working for yourself? Being out from under an abusive boss or restricted environment that is your job today?

Or maybe you are already self-employed, and you had that dream once. Maybe that dream isn’t as dreamy as you’d hoped for. I feel your pain. But there is good news here.

Do you know why so many wannabe entrepreneurs fail? I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my adult life and I’ve trained literally tens of thousands of people who were, or wanted to be, entrepreneurs. I have an opinion.

Here is some of what you’ll find here:

  1. The number one reason for most entrepreneurial failures
  2. The truth about the “lies” of opportunities for potential entrepreneurs
  3. How a negative economy can boost your opportunities for success
  4. One powerful life changing phrase-get this and amazing things can happen in every area of your life
  5. How to boost your creativity
  6. The Two least expensive entrepreneurial opportunities available today
  7. How to work alone and yet have support
  8. How to avoid becoming a “casualty”
  9. Why some may not want to be an entrepreneur…ever

The number 1 reason for most entrepreneurial failures
Continue reading Starting Your Own Business?–Here Are 8 Powerful Tips