Start-Up Difficulties?

The USA is not even in the top 10 countries in the world to start a new business! This according to Inc. Magazine, quoting the World Bank in the ease of start-ups.

We’ve allowed the politicians and the unelected bureaucrats the power to over-control and over-regulate the lifeblood of our economy, the small businesses.

The USA ranks 4th in the world for the ease of doing business, but still the many roadblocks slow or stop many start-ups from getting there.

But the kinds of start-ups they monitor are usually the more “brick and mortar” locations. The independent or entrepreneur or solopreneur, has an easier time of it for obvious reasons. Especially when it comes to set-up, starting part time and marketing via computer and phone.

Those of us who market or promote anything online are in the “new” entrepreneur category and it’s only going to get better as long as we are willing to effectively voice our opposition to more governmental and bureaucratic  control.

Most of all, from this perspective, regardless of outside difficulties, ultimately all failure and success begins from the same source, within. That’s how the “Wizard” series began. Your Inner Wizard concept is about the power to meet and overcome obstacles by being solution conscious instead of only problem conscious. 

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