How To Fail In The Internet Gold Rush

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How to make money on the Internet has become the new Gold Rush. Like the great old mining towns in the 1800’s, it’s crowded and competitive. It’s filled with a lot of people who want to get rich quick. In the original Gold Rush, people traveled long distances, not just from within the United States, but from countries all over the world. Imagine the hardship of filthy tramp steamers with long ocean voyages, then by horse, mule, or wagon the rest of the way.

how to make money on the InternetThen, once the newbie arrived he, or the occasional she,  was faced with high priced lodging, if they could find any, with prices beyond the reach of most people, and little hope of finding a mother lode, let alone any kind of lode.

The average people fell back on what they’d been doing from wherever they came from, they got jobs doing anything they could to get along. The difference was, they were far from home with little or no support. Many died, most withdrew back to their old lives or to some other “average” town where they lived out their lives in the mediocrity that they’d hoped to escape from.

Those who were above average who didn’t hit pay dirt, started businesses and services either for a niche such as tools for mining. Others went for a broader market, dry goods, saloons, restaurants, hotels, etc.

A few got rich and found enough gold to make it more than worthwhile, but very few. Some found just enough to pay for their adventure and lived their lives regaling others with stories of travel and adventure.

Along with the honest business people, and sincere and hopeful miners, also cam the pickpockets, card cheats, hookers, and thieves. Maybe that’s where the term, “Made out like a bandit” came from.

Those with good survival instincts avoided these perils, but many didn’t and learned hard lessons.

All of this is true today within our “Internet marketing  gold rush.” Well, except for the hookers, but you’ve figured that out. Okay, not counting their websites. But let’s get back to the reality of profiting online and what NOT to do. The opportunities are far greater now than for those poor  souls in the gold fields and boomtowns. Potential success is as far away as your computer, smart phone, or tablet. But there are great and mostly hidden challenges.

Most people trying to get ahead either promoting an existing business or just selling online, are doing things that are directly contributing to their eventual failure. How to make money on the Internet is not just about what to do, but what not to do. Success is not a short road.

It’s hardly any different than being on a long road, but the wrong rode that you think is taking you closer to your desired destination.That’s what’s happening when you do the things that are actually working against you.

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Tom Justin

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