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Why The Love, Why The Hate (2)

“Everyone Is Selling Something”

In Part 1 I told you about my having gone from an office at Universal Studios, to getting canceled before even beginning our production. I was out of money, out of an office, and out of time.

I was invited to a meeting for an MLM company. The only reason I went was to find a motivational speaker or some happy, outgoing, friendly people.

Days later I found myself in this MLM company. What was I, nuts? But because the product worked and the people were great, I started to get excited. But having had a “prestigious” position, being a producer, radio/TV talk show host, etc., my ego dictated that I feel as ashamed as I was excited.

In the years that followed, I learned a lot and then became close minded to anything doing with MLM/network marketing. This, even though I was still giving seminars and consulting to large international companies.

The Challenge With MLM/Network Marketing
Products, companies, compensation, and potential are easily over-hyped by eager, fearful, greedy, or dishonest distributors or companies. When they sponsor new distributors who don’t understand the basics of the business, and then they fail, there is a compounding and cascading negative reaction.

First, the hustled distributor is angry or depressed, then his or her friends, some of whom are also distributors are left feeling upset, and then all the people they tell about it can also point to MLM and say, “See, those deals don’t work.” Continue reading Why The Love, Why The Hate (2)

Why The Love, Why The Hate?

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”
Albert Einstein

Imagine this. You’re a TV producer with an office at Universal studios. You’ve also been on air as a TV and radio talk show host. You’re driving a late model sports car and riding high.

Your partner is a TV star and you lunch daily with or around the stars in the Universal commissary.

Then, without warning, the network that you thought you had a real deal with decides you don’t. They cancel before you can get started. You’ve got other projects on the burner too. You’ve put a lot of your own money into the business and are depending on this next production to keep you going.

The studio calls you the same day and gives you 48 hours to vacate your office space, since it’s contingent upon your producing a show there.

I not only can imagine that, I lived it. Though it was years ago, I can still recall the fear I felt at the time. What would I do now? What
could I do? Cash flow was
non-existent, another project would be costly and time consuming. I had neither the money or the time.

To me, at least today, that’s part of the excitement of living. You just can’t predict anything with certainty. Had you predicted my next
move and told me, I would have laughed out loud.

I was depressed, and in need of some kind of external motivation. I literally prayed for some sign to show me my next move.

Though I had another day before I had to move out of my office, when I walked in the next morning, the studio had removed the
furniture and put my personal things in boxes lined neatly against the wall. The sign on my door had already been removed. I stood
there looking at the only thing left. An office chair, which I owned. The phone was sitting atop of it and it began to ring.

“Hello,” I said with a less than enthusiastic voice.

The voice on the other end almost shouted, “Tom! Wow, it’s great to catch you. How are you? It’s been awhile!”

“Who is this?” I demanded. No one should be that enthusiastic unless they’re trying to sell me something, I thought.

Dave was a guy I’d met a few years before. He was a young and inspired eager beaver always looking to make a killing in business. But the only thing getting killed was him. One bad deal after another. But he kept going.

Then he found MLM and it was like a religious experience for him. Totally convinced that he’d make his fortune there, he called me, not once but several times. “Wow, this is such a great opportunity and people are making a lot of money. . .” He’d proclaim.

Unfortunately, he was always with a “new and exciting company.” When asked about the last exciting company he shrugged it off and went back to telling me, or trying to tell me about this new one.

I liked him, but of course I had no use for that kind of “opportunity.” I was a TV PRODUCER (puffing chest). The first couple of times he’d called I was polite. Though eventually I got pretty steamed about these kinds of calls from him, I tried to be gentle, cutting him off (at the knees) as soon as possible, letting him know it wasn’t for me. Not then, not ever!

Now, within thee months, another call from good ol’ Dave with another opportunity. I was miserable and almost hung up on him. But then I remembered that some years before I’d attended a couple of these meetings. There was always a motivational speaker, lots of enthusiasm and excitement. I had no interest in the business, but I wanted to be around that kind of environment, the sooner the better.

He was inviting me to another meeting for another company to be held that night. As he was excitedly extolling the virtues of this company as fast as he could, hoping not to get cut off. I cut him off. “I’ll go,” I said.

“Whaaaat?” He cried. “Really? Wow!” Then silence. He reminded me of a dog that always chases cars and then catches one. Now what?

Of course, I had no intention of getting into such a deal. Though what happened after that was almost hilarious, along with unreal timing, well, let me just say that I joined this company. I could not believe I was doing it either. Good grief, from Universal Studios to MLM. I tried not to think about it. I was desperate.

They had a product with a lot of testimonials of many years and one that I could test for myself, which I did. It worked even better than they were promoting it.

I just went for it. When I knew it was a good product, I told everyone.

In less than a year, I made more money by accident than I’d ever made on purpose in my life. I was as lucky as I was well trained.

This was before Google and the Internet. The competition was slight, the compensation was dismal, at least compared to today, but we didn’t know better. There was a severe recession, yet it was an entrepreneur’s paradise.

It was an automotive product, yet I had an MD, two authors, a professional athlete, actors and others from all walks of life in my downline. What a time!

After a couple of years I sold the business and moved on.

I stayed within that industry for several years, I had many other business interests too.I became a leading speaker/trainer and consultant.

I owned a percentage of a couple of companies and I became a founding board member of the MLMIA, an non-profit group that was dedicated to promoting ethics in that industry.

However, as the industry grew, I eventually became disgusted with it. Even though there were many fine companies, so many were coming and going out of business, harming people who’d worked hard to build their groups, I formed a major mistrust of the entire industry.

I’d almost always been an entrepreneur and that didn’t change. My consulting company went on to work with major corporations such as American Airlines, Entrepreneur magazine, as well as several MLM companies around the world such as Rexall, Nikken, and others.

I only joined companies as a distributor if I wanted their products at wholesale. There are a lot of great products sold through MLM/network marketing, and though I’d formed a prejudice towards the industry, I couldn’t deny the high quality of several of these company’s product lines.

Over the years I’ve watched the industry from afar. As friends of mine entered a new company or founded them, and tried to entice me to join, I politely declined. Today, some of them are making six figures a month, while others failed.

Some time ago I began looking more closely at the current state of the MLM/network marketing industry.

When it comes to MLM, the word “hate” is used a lot by people who’ve had negative experiences or know others who have. Most of us have been approached endlessly by uncle Fred or aunt Edith to join with them in their “new exciting company.” Only to see them fail, at least most of the time. For those who’ve had bitter experiences, the word hate may seem justifiable.

Then, when one of them succeeds, it’s easy to look back and think you were too late.

I don’t care for the word, hate. It’s overly harsh in most all cases.

In part 2 I’ll show you why you should mistrust MLM and why you should know more about the 21st Century version of the business. I’ll also give you some guidelines in case you’re actually thinking of joining such a company.

Watchword: Caution!


Think Before Posting

Thinking and posting. When I first signed up with Twitter I was surprised by those who posted inane items such as, “It’s a beautiful day, I’m having poached eggs.”

Uh, okay by me. I thought maybe I was missing something. Maybe I was and am, though these types of posts have dwindled.

Then there were (and are) those who only posted when they had something to sell.

Many like to send out quotes they like, which is great sometimes, and better than the egg people. Sometimes I wonder why they don’t impart their own wisdom. Hey, we all have it.

I’m open to why people do certain things that I don’t understand, and even though I’m judgmental at first, I’m curious. Some of them may come through with helpful stuff.

I hope to always think before I post. I hope I can be of help, and in so doing, show that what I have to offer, once people get to know me, and they see that I could be of help to them as well. And some won’t.

What do you think?

Start-Up Difficulties?

The USA is not even in the top 10 countries in the world to start a new business! This according to Inc. Magazine, quoting the World Bank in the ease of start-ups.

We’ve allowed the politicians and the unelected bureaucrats the power to over-control and over-regulate the lifeblood of our economy, the small businesses.

The USA ranks 4th in the world for the ease of doing business, but still the many roadblocks slow or stop many start-ups from getting there.

But the kinds of start-ups they monitor are usually the more “brick and mortar” locations. The independent or entrepreneur or solopreneur, has an easier time of it for obvious reasons. Especially when it comes to set-up, starting part time and marketing via computer and phone.

Those of us who market or promote anything online are in the “new” entrepreneur category and it’s only going to get better as long as we are willing to effectively voice our opposition to more governmental and bureaucratic  control.

Most of all, from this perspective, regardless of outside difficulties, ultimately all failure and success begins from the same source, within. That’s how the “Wizard” series began. Your Inner Wizard concept is about the power to meet and overcome obstacles by being solution conscious instead of only problem conscious. 

MentorMe, Internet Training Breakthrough?

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The #1 Reason People Fail In Online Marketing

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Definition: Online Marketing – Any commercial use of the Internet to sell, promote, or enhance your business, service, or product line.

If you’re new to online marketing or not making the money you think you should be, read this now.

Recently, inn an interview,  I was asked the number 1 reason people fail in the world of Internet marketing.

I realized that this was an answer that I knew without question.

I also realized that it’ s not something that I say enough to either my clients or my list. I will tell you, but it may seem too simplistic.

Okay, the answer is. . .OVERWHELM.

Online marketing could be anything from promoting your restaurant via a website, or marketing your products and services or those of others via affiliate marketing.

Most people who begin looking at what to do to earn a little or a lot online, either promoting or building a part-time or a full-time business have to be cautious of, and take effective action before overwhelm happens!

If you’re new to online marketing or you’re just not making the money you think you should be by now, here’s what I suggest:

  • Review everything you have that the public can see.
  • If you have autoresponders, review those too.
  • Do you have a strategic plan of action? Review it if you did, get one going if you don’t have one.
  • Look at your sales copy. What would you think about it if you came across it and didn’t know anything else about that site or blog?
  • Do you blog regularly? If not, why not? Do one now!
  • Quit buying get-rich-quick crap.

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One Of His Tips Netted Me $600 In 60 Minutes

I love the potential that comes with online marketing. Whether you have a brick and mortar location to promote or you want to market your own or others products online.

The hype and the lies about overnight success aren’t easily discovered by those new to the world on online marketing until it’s too late.

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Note:  I’m an affiliate who may be compensated for some of the programs I tell you about.
I only tell you about people and programs I have checked out and believe in.