TJ_Web The Wizard Of AHA’s is what one client called Tom Justin. Problem solving is at the root of Tom’s work in coaching, consulting, writing, and speaking.

His approach to solutions comes with a high degree of intuition and decades of experience and results with clients from American Airlines, Entrepreneur Magazine, celebrities, and everyday people from all walks of life.

Tom brings an eclectic background from the arts to business to the worlds of spirituality and mind power to his many audiences around the world. The tremendous personal power that resides in each of us and our ability to manifest this power is the cornerstone of Tom Justin’s speeches, seminars, and websites.

He’s been a professional communicator for over 25 years, speaking to and training tens of thousands of people on the topic of personal, business, and spiritual development. His topics are as diverse as marketing and Internet strategies, creative writing, to how to use your intuition in everyday life.

He was also a guest lecturer at UCLA’s Experimental College for a six week series entitled “Power Mind,” a course designed to increase awareness and intuition. As a researcher and actualizer of the powers of the mind, Tom is past-president of the Society For Psychical Research of Beverly Hills, California.

He later produced and hosted a series television specials for syndication titled, “Psychic Explorations” a thirty minute interview show on a variety of subjects on the powers of the mind and metaphysics. During that period he was also a special reporter and consultant for the Metromedia News Network on the same topics.

In addition to his speaking, Tom has also been a highly sought after marketing consultant and was a co-founder and a senior executive of a Beverly Hills multimillion dollar marketing corporation. He is the creator of the website and forthcoming book, Your Inner Wizard. He is also the co-creator of the Internet course, First Step Internet Marketing Plus, a multi-week course for those who are new to Internet marketing and promotion (not currently available).

Tom is the author of “How To Take No For An Answer And Still Succeed,” a book on overcoming and using rejection in your personal and business life. A senior publishing executive remarked that it contained a surprising mix of spiritual principles for such as business based book. Larry King and Jack Canfield have also commented on the book.

This book is now immediately available in digital format exclusively on Amazon Kindle and in print on Amazon.com.

He also wrote “Relationship Breakthroughs,” a book and audio series on personal relationships using business techniques and strategies. It will be re-released soon in digital format.

Tom is the creator and publisher of websites such as, www.YourInnerWizard.com, www.YourInnerMarketer.com, TheWizardsEdge.com and others.

He’s been featured in Reader’s Digest and has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows. He is currently working on his next book and tape program, a documentary film and a highly sought after speaker for seminars and workshops. He resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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